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"On Behalf of everyone here at Cicero & Kollin, thank you for bringing real BBQ to the neighborhood.  It is, without a doubt, some of the best I've ever tasted.  We hear the same thing from our guests every time you cater an event for us...."

Anthony Cicero
Cicero & Kollin

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Smokin' Bar-B-Que Fans

Article from Anne Heller     Dayton Daily News

Smoked hamburger a decided novelty. It spends an hour in the smoker instead of being traditionally cooked on the grill and it definitely picks up smoky nuances of flavor.

The burger is big, a full half pound, and shows plenty of pink but remember that pink is the signature of smoke. It is fully cooked (in fact, not for those who like their burgers medium rare). You could add traditional tomatoes and lettuce, but thats a dull approach. I like the pickles and onion that come with it and Id ask for a smear of barbeque sauce instead of ballpark mustard. For a meat and potatoes night, the obvious choice is the house-cooked kettle chips!


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